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Suggested Readings

We're currently featuring this book, article, and website, all presenting excellent perspectives on literacy. Click the More links for other recommendations.

The Heart-Centered Teacher, by Regie Routman (Routledge, 2023)

Reviewed by W. Dorsey Hammond

     For the tens of thousands of educators who have been informed and inspired by the writings of Regie Routman, her latest book is a “must read.” This book is not about pedagogy per se, but rather is a look inward into the life and character of the teacher. It is both inspiring and profound. In this era of federal mandates and state standards, it is the right book at the right time. Regie gives us a window into why two teachers in the same school, at the same grade level using the same curriculum and employing similar pedagogies can produce very different student attitudes and outcomes.

    The veteran teacher will find this book comforting and reassuring. The new teacher will profit immeasurably from Regie’s insights and set you on a path to a highly successful career. There were many times when reading this book that I smiled and laughed and on one or two occasions frankly, the book brought me to tears. I enjoyed every chapter from "Loving Our Students" to "Becoming Our Truest Selves" and "Becoming A Significant Influencer."

    If you are currently teaching, read this book. If you are a school principal or supervisor, read the book and pass it on to your teaching staff. If you are a friend of a teacher, buy the book as a gift to your friend. If you are a parent of children in school, this book will help you understand what makes a special and impactful teacher for your child.

    As the subtitle states, this book is about restoring hope, joy, and possibilities in these uncertain times. Thanks Regie Routman!  LINK

Reinking, D., Hruby, G.G., & Risko, V.J. (2023). "Legislating Phonics: Settled Science or Political Polemics?" Teachers College Record 25 (1), 104-131. 

A detailed critique of the ways the phonics-first perspective has influenced legislation beliefs,  classroom practices, and legislation.  LINK

Stephen Krashen's articles, books, and handouts cover a range of literacy topics, including Free Voluntary Reading—a topic often overlooked in today's discourse about literacy—and a range of views on what's best for English Language Learners.

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