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Suggested Websites

We have found these websites to be most useful in furthering our understanding of reading, thinking, and learning. They are not listed in any particular order. Enjoy browsing! We'll add more titles periodically.

Regie Routman, a gifted teacher with years of examined experiences, has posted a wealth of perspectives and publications on her site:  books, blog posts, podcasts, videos and more.

Jeff McQuillan presents useful, well-grounded information about language and literacy. See the recent "The Case for Acquired Phonics" and a number of papers that address the needs of English Language Learners. 

Sam Bommarito has many fine resources and insights about literacy instruction based on his years of experience. William Kerns offers additional views on this informative site. 

Stephen Krashen's articles, books, and handouts cover a range of literacy topics, including Free Voluntary Reading—a topic often overlooked in today's discourse about literacy—and a range of views on what's best for English Language Learners.

In his podcast episodes, Professor Andy Johnson talks about current issues in reading, often noting a number of misconceptions held by  advocates of the Science of Reading. 

The Wisconsin State Reading Association's sessions on the Science(s) of Reading, including speakers Peter Johnston, Donna Scanlon, and Peter Afflerbach, who provide wise and useful commentary on how to think about literacy learning and teaching. 

Paul Thomas's insightful observations about education range across many topics. Of particular relevance to us are the posts under the categories of Literacy and Reading. 

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